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Proprietary remote monitoring devices

Cardiomedix is presenting patented, proprietary devices developed by its sister company Commwell, complementing the Health-e-Care system. 


FDA cleared self-use 12-lead ECG. Easily performed by Any user in less than a minute. User supported by audio visualguidance on the cell phone. Complete 12-lead ECG report is sent to the cloud in less than a minutes (average) to be analyzed by a medical professional.No need for professional caregiver. No need for shaving, or disposable electrodes.


  • Small and light weight. 3 in one wireless 2- channel cardiac monitoring device: Telemetry, event monitoring and Holter.
  • The device is easy to apply. It is waterproof and no need to change batteries or electrodes for 7 days.
  • The entire 2- Channel data is sent to the nurse center to be analyzed. The full ECG data can be retrieved with no delay.
  • The user can document his symptoms by a press of a button on the drop- down tab.
  • The device and the transmission are highly secured.

The Health-e-Chair

The SmartChair embedded with medicasensors and the TV set enable remote session between a patient and a medical professional with minimal activity required by the Patient.


Audio-Video communicationbetween a patient and a health practitioner


Gait & Balance automatic analysis

Patented system for gaitand balance automatic analysis of a person’s walkingin a remote location. Thesystem was designed for earlyprediction and alert risk of falls or stroke.


Home Rehabilitation Solution

Patented automatic analysis of range of motion

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