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Cardiomedix is presenting patented, proprietary devices developed by its sister company,Commwell, complementing the Health-e-Care system. 

Patients’User-friendly platform for a single user or multi users.

Wireless medical devices.

proprietary audio-video conferencing

Cloud based patient electronic data for the medical professionals

24/7/365 Nurse call center

  • Efficient monitoring through multiple intuitive dashboards display data, alerts and trends.
  • Vital signs measurements and proprietary video conferencing:
  • The platform uses predefined clinical protocols to manage the remote patient’s routine, including voice guided medical questionnaires, medical symptoms and complaints, medication compliance, recording responses and displaying trends and summaries.
  • Intuitive display of measurement trends
  • Caregivers can access the platform from any device, using a web browser (Including proprietary video conferencing). The caregiver is not bound to a physical location and allowing him to handle the workload from anywhere.
  • Multi language system that enables patient and care giver communicate even when they speak different languages.
  • (GPS tracking and display of patient location.


Single user system for:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Hospital to home/Care continuum
  • Hospital at Home
  • Aging at home

An autonomous voice guided protocol-based care plan will manage and record the patients’ daily vital signs, symptoms, complaints and medications and report trends and results to the medical staff in an efficient time-consuming manner.

  • Register patient including a predefined clinical protocol that will significantly save caregiver time/resources.
  • Patient is equipped with a kit containing a tablet and devices (as required per protocol) and may include: Blood pressure, Oxygen saturation, body temperature, lung function, weight, blood sugar, 12-lead ECG, 2 channel arrhythmia monitoring, ENT cameras and more.
  • After unboxing, the system instructs the patient (Multiple languages supported) to autonomously perform protocol based routine daily tasks (Vital measurements, clinical questions, medical symptoms) with no need for a live medical caregiver.
  • Proprietary video conferencing is included in the browser, does not require installation and is accessible on any device.
  • The system measures and alerts in case of any workflow and medical issues.
  • Multiple dashboards display real-time data, including alerts, statistics, queues, GPS locations and more.

PublicPortal for Remote population screening and tracking

Multi-user system for: Remote clinic, community center, ER, Long Term Care facility

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