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Telemetry, event monitoring and Holter Scanning

Cardiomedix, 24/7/365 nursing call centersince 1988 is providing Tele-cardiology services to patients referred by major hospitals and cardiologists.

IDTF certified and joint Commission accredited.

With reputation for dependability and quality of patient care and level of service.


Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Experienced

When Every minute counts an extreme knowledge is crucial

Compassionate and caring Nursing staff composed of doctors, cardiac RNs and certified technicians, experienced and knowledgeable in arrhythmia interpretation, symptoms, medications and patient triage.



Cardiomedix ProprietaryWireless ECG Monitoring Device with the latest features in cardiac monitoring

Small and light weight, easy to apply, 3 in one device (Telemetry, event monitoring and Holter).

  • 2- Channel device for enhanced accuracy.
  • The entire data is sent to the nurse center and can be retrieved with no delay
  • Waterproof
  • The battery and electrodes last 7-days.
  • Symptoms documentation by a press of a button
  • Highly secured device and secured transmission


Cardiomedix on-line cloud-based platform for easy access to the referring staff.

  • User friendly physician access to patient data: an application that can be accessed from any internet enabled computer, laptop or cell phone.
  • Physicians can easily view stat reports, daily reports and final reports separately or in groups.
  • They can write their reviews and analysis, store and print with identification and time automatically documented.
  • Upon request, reports will be integrated with patient record in the EMR.


Cardiomedix is contracted with most major third-party payers.

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