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Cardiomedix is presenting patented, proprietary devices developed by its sister company,Commwell, complementing the Health-e-Care system. 

Patients’User-friendly platform for a single user or multi users.

Wireless medical devices.

proprietary audio-video conferencing

Cloud based patient electronic data for the medical professionals

24/7/365 Nurse call center

  • Efficient monitoring through multiple intuitive dashboards display data, alerts and trends.
  • Vital signs measurements and proprietary video conferencing:
  • The platform uses predefined clinical protocols to manage the remote patient’s routine, including voice guided medical questionnaires, medical symptoms and complaints, medication compliance, recording responses and displaying trends and summaries.
  • Intuitive display of measurement trends
  • Caregivers can access the platform from any device, using a web browser (Including proprietary video conferencing). The caregiver is not bound to a physical location and allowing him to handle the workload from anywhere.
  • Multi language system that enables patient and care giver communicate even when they speak different languages.
  • (GPS tracking and display of patient location.


Single user system for:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Hospital to home/Care continuum
  • Hospital at Home
  • Aging at home

An autonomous voice guided protocol-based care plan will manage and record the patients’ daily vital signs, symptoms, complaints and medications and report trends and results to the medical staff in an efficient time-consuming manner.

  • Register patient including a predefined clinical protocol that will significantly save caregiver time/resources.
  • Patient is equipped with a kit containing a tablet and devices (as required per protocol) and may include: Blood pressure, Oxygen saturation, body temperature, lung function, weight, blood sugar, 12-lead ECG, 2 channel arrhythmia monitoring, ENT cameras and more.
  • After unboxing, the system instructs the patient (Multiple languages supported) to autonomously perform protocol based routine daily tasks (Vital measurements, clinical questions, medical symptoms) with no need for a live medical caregiver.
  • Proprietary video conferencing is included in the browser, does not require installation and is accessible on any device.
  • The system measures and alerts in case of any workflow and medical issues.
  • Multiple dashboards display real-time data, including alerts, statistics, queues, GPS locations and more.

PublicPortal for Remote population screening and tracking

Multi-user system for: Remote clinic, community center, ER, Long Term Care facility

Multi-user Telehealth

Cardiomedix Telehealth system in the long term facility

Health E-care cloud- based software includes patient data, instruction per each patient and medications enabling
a fast and convenient recording of patient complaints and all pertinent data.

Automatic documentation of vital signs to facilitate the workflow, shorten nurses’ time and prevent mistakes.

Audio- Visual interactive communication with a remote specialist

Variety of wireless vital signs as needed:

  • NIBP
  • SPO2
  • Glucometer
  • Scale
  • Spirometer
  • Stethoscope
  • Temperature
  • Cameras for consultation, remote diagnosis of ear/throat and wound care.

PhysioGlove – Advanced 12 lead ECG, fast and easy to apply. The ECG canbe performed by anyone and received by a remote specialist on any internet enabled device in less than a minute.

Telemetry – On-line continuous arrhythmia monitoring received and analyzed by Cardiomedix nursing staff with final interpretation by the physician.

The unique cardiac devices can play an important part in preventing unneeded readmissionsallowing the facility to establish a cardiac rehabilitation program.  

Single user Telehealth

Aging in Place:

Majority of seniors prefer to stay at home rather than move to a retirement or other long- term facilities. Cardiomedix Telehealth can help seniors to maintain their independence and enjoy living at home longer. It offers a range of options to make healthcare easier and more accessible. From prevention to follow up chronic diseases to post discharge. Patients can communicate with the Cardiomedix nurse at the call center or with their physician using audio- visual system through a web portal with automatic documentation of vital signs.

In cases of emergency, the subscriber just needs to press the help key and receive an immediate call back from the nurse at Cardiomedix control center.

The sophisticated Telehealth system can take the load off the senior family members as they know that their senior family member is under a support and care 24/7.

The system and the service can be designed for ant budget and any need.

  1. Hospital to home, Care continuum and value- based care: The new trend of Value based care – pay for performance rather than fee for service and the bundle payment, require hospitals to follow up their patients also after discharge. The HHS established a list of episodes of care that offer the hospitals additional payments– bundle payment for monitoring the patient until recovery. Cardiomedix can provide home monitoring ranging from simple vital signs monitoring to some of the most challenging “episodes of care”. This included the home cardiac rehabilitation which can be performed by Cardiomedix staff using the patented Telehealth technology.
  1. Chronic disease management and surveillance: Providing services to physicians who are looking to take advantage of the Medicare new reimbursement for remote chronic disease follow up.
  1. Employer wellness:The elehealth system can replace or complement the employer on-site clinic. A cost effective solution allowing 24/7 connection with multi-specialty health professional
  1. Rural health clinics: Commwell had successful experience in implementing clinics in rural areas with communication to a medical call center in the project of “ a doctor in every village”

Telemetry, event monitoring and Holter Scanning

Cardiomedix, 24/7/365 nursing call centersince 1988 is providing Tele-cardiology services to patients referred by major hospitals and cardiologists.

IDTF certified and joint Commission accredited.

With reputation for dependability and quality of patient care and level of service.


Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Experienced

When Every minute counts an extreme knowledge is crucial

Compassionate and caring Nursing staff composed of doctors, cardiac RNs and certified technicians, experienced and knowledgeable in arrhythmia interpretation, symptoms, medications and patient triage.



Cardiomedix ProprietaryWireless ECG Monitoring Device with the latest features in cardiac monitoring

Small and light weight, easy to apply, 3 in one device (Telemetry, event monitoring and Holter).

  • 2- Channel device for enhanced accuracy.
  • The entire data is sent to the nurse center and can be retrieved with no delay
  • Waterproof
  • The battery and electrodes last 7-days.
  • Symptoms documentation by a press of a button
  • Highly secured device and secured transmission


Cardiomedix on-line cloud-based platform for easy access to the referring staff.

  • User friendly physician access to patient data: an application that can be accessed from any internet enabled computer, laptop or cell phone.
  • Physicians can easily view stat reports, daily reports and final reports separately or in groups.
  • They can write their reviews and analysis, store and print with identification and time automatically documented.
  • Upon request, reports will be integrated with patient record in the EMR.


Cardiomedix is contracted with most major third-party payers.

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