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Companion Ambulatory Cardiac Event Monitoring

The Cardiomedix Companion is a highly advanced Cardiac Event Monitor integrated with technology on the cutting edge of todays scientific breakthroughs. The Companion is an innovative wireless device that incorporates cardiac arrhythmia monitoring and cell phone technologies in one unit.
The Companion is a digital loop recorder that enhances diagnostic yield with onboard arrhythmia detection algorithms for automatic detection, recording and automatic transmission of patient data files to a service center for immediate analysis and physician attention. Transmission occurs without patient interaction.
The Companion provides faster patient diagnosis, improves patient compliance and is far superior to the current cumbersome transmission method of traditional Cardiac Event Monitors.
Diagnostic embedded algorithms automatically captures asymptomatic events such as

  •    Atrial Fibrillation

  •     Bradycardia

  •     Tachycardia

  •     Cardiac Pause

    Single small device catering to patient convenience, comfort and ease of use. No need for the patient to carry a separate cellular device thus obviating the need for frequesnt battery recharge.

    Powered by 1 AA Lithium Thionyl Battery Pack. No battery charger is required to power the cell phone.

    No patient interaction to transmit data.  Patient compliance has never been easier to achieve.

    Transmission of data can be made wirelessly or transtelephonically as a backup if the patient is out of cellular network.

    Allows for bidirectional data flow; the physician can monitor the patient’s cardiac events and remotely program the device as needed.

    Cellular transmitter embedded in Companion uses a “Quad-Band” modem for maximum flexibility and is compatible with both GSM and GPRS cellular networks.

    Holter Monitoring

    The Holter monitoring technique offers arrhythmia analysis of a 24, 48 or 72 hour ECG recording, providing the physician with beat-to-beat ECG information.

  • Upon completion of the study the patient returns the Holter monitor to the doctor’s office. The Holter data are transferred from the clinic to the Cardiomedix center using secure telecommunication.

  • Specially trained Cardiomedix nursing personnel, specializing in arrhythmia interpretation, scan and analyze the recorded data. The data is analyzed using an advanced digital Holter system.

  • High quality, accurate Holter reports are forwarded to the physician within 24 hours of original transmission, adhering to the physician’s notification criteria.

  • Reports can be retrieved and viewed on the web from anywhere using a secure login procedure provided to Cardiomedix clients.

  • The Holter recorders and kits are provided to the physician’s office at no charge.


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